The Chef, Florian Descours

The Chef, Florian Descours

My previous experience at the establishments as Pic or the Vallon de Valrugues enabled me to get technical skills, know-how and the love of a job well-done.

La Bòria is a state of mind and a special love for local product. The mix of my desires and products of my growers brings a personal and identity to the menus that I can proudly introduce to my clients.

One watchword: To do what I love to in collaboration with women and men which love their work and do it well, close to my Home.

The Pastry Chef, Xavier Ballin

The Pastry Chef, Xavier Ballin

Former Pastry Chef at the Ritz… No, just kidding! However, the Parisian started his experience before working for Chef Robuchon !

The alchemy between salty and sweet at La Bòria is clear thanks to the complicity of both friends, Xavier and Florian, who met in Switzerland a few years ago. Xavier loves Ardèche through its fruits and herbs… Every morning Xavier makes the sourdough bread.

The Sommelier, Quentin Giraud

The Sommelier, Quentin Giraud

Our “Sommelist” – as we like to call him – is also not from Ardèche ! The Isérois (inhabitant from the department Isère) started at La Pyramide in Vienne and then quickly adapted himself to the Ardèchois vineyard where he is welcomed without prejudices. Quentin chooses the winemakers according to their know-how, respectful of the vineyard and the soil. He loves Ardèche’s landscapes and its rocky tracks leading to those precious red, white and pinkish nugget. Yes, he is also a devotee!

Ardèche in Cuisine

La Bòria’s team, even eclectic, is a big Family! We work together in total harmony.

Out of 11 persons shaping La Bòria, only Thomas Durand and Florian Descours are 100% Ardèchois. We come from very different places from Brittany to Ardèche passing through Haiti. Our different origins are our strength.

Thanks to this strength La Bòria became what it is now! Everyone has their own role abiding by the work of one another.

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